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New Prompt: Foreign Food - Harry? They're writing about us again.
New Prompt: Foreign Food
New Prompt: Foreign Food. Any food, anywhere--Fleur deciding English food is good, or Harry eating Tex-Mex, or whatever. Food that is not what the person grew up eating.
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hiddenshallows From: hiddenshallows Date: October 4th, 2009 08:58 pm (UTC) (link!)

I don't know how other people in the community might feel about this, but I was wondering if we could maybe have some less prescriptive prompts sometimes? I know everyone's different, but I'd really rather just have the prompt than the prompt + a couple of suggested directions in which to take it - especially when it's something as precise as "foreign food"!

Hope that's ok, and thanks for modding the community x
florahart From: florahart Date: October 4th, 2009 09:51 pm (UTC) (link!)
The reason for the general notions is that people said they didn't know how to take prompts because I'd prompt something like "water" and they'd be all, like body of water? or water the garden? or...? when I was saying, no seriously, any direction you want to go, like tears or rivers or bathtime. Folks would try to guess which interpretation of a word I had in mind and say they didn't want to interpret the prompt "wrong."

They're not suggestions, though. They're examples, and they've never been stated as anything else--that's why there is always a "or whatever" or "or any other direction you want to go" on there. I'm sorry they feel too directive for you, but as I also always make the prompt itself be the post title and also boldface and whatnot, I think the easiest thing for you would be to just not read the examples.
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