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When The Day Is Short

Title: When The Day Is Short.
House: Ravenclaw.
Word Count: 100.
Characters/Pairings: Percy Weasley & Oliver Wood; slightly implied Percy/Oliver if you really want to look at it that way.
Author's Notes: Truthfully, this pertains very little to my perception of the books, but it's what happens when very old crack!muses start getting inspired again. As separate characters, I adore Percy and Oliver, but now that they want to start coming together again, I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'll get it out while it wants to be written. It's also only semi-relevant to the most recent prompt - the longer version of it holds more relevance, but for now I'll just explain with, "Halloween = darkness omg?!" The title comes from the title of a Martha Wainwright song. Hope you enjoy! (And I hope it fits the requirements. :3)

“Morning, Percy,” Oliver said with practiced carelessness as he cracked an egg into an iron skillet.

Not touching him so much that his skin practically throbbed, Percy crossed to the table and the untouched Daily Prophet.

“Good morning, Oliver,” he replied, the harshness like flecks of airborne ice.

During cold, pre-dawn hours they were merely contemporaneous entities. Daylight thrust them into the mounting anxiety of the Wizarding community; at night, having stolen away into the dark envelope of their flat with its narrow rooms, they could blur into one candlelit shadow.

Seconds passed. Twelve hours until they could forget.

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    Every now and again i come back and read through the old posts...I really enjoy having the fic archived here. :)

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    I've been thinking about this community a lot lately. Thanks for keeping it up here even though there's no more writing.

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