unlikely2 (unlikely2) wrote in hp100,

What ever became of the Dark Lord Voldemort.

 Title: What ever became of the Dark Lord Voldemort?
Author: unlikely2
Challenge: ‘Line’.
Rating: G.
Words 100
House: Hufflepuff.

Outside, his Secretary’s playing guitar.


‘With seven fingers,’ he thinks, ‘it should be easy’ and wonders where, in Space, this one’s from. Harry’s latest clone (seventeen and in love), could probably tell him.

Tom closes the window.

 When he’d told Severus (In Command of Starfleet), that ‘Voldemort’ had been a byword for terror, he’d as good as been called a liar. 

 It had become as amusing to build up as tear down and then he’d felt unwilling to relinquish all the pretty things. Instead, he sits back and watches his creation flower.

 He wonders when he crossed the line.


 Author’s note: Voldemort won.
Anyone else ever been addicted to Sim City?

Tags: author: unlikely2, challenge: line, harry, rating: g, snape, voldemort

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