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Questioning the Quibbler

Title: Questioning the Quibbler
House: Ravenclaw
Word Count: 100
Character: Angry Quibbler readers
Author’s Note: This is about the reaction to Harry's interview for The Quibbler

"Harry Potter is a brat!" Mrs. Gibbon shouted. "He's making it up! This lie is so elaborate! He and Dumbledore must have carefully weaved this story along with the Order of the Phoenix, for their own publicity."

"He's creating an army of trolls who believe this rubbish," her husband added. "Well, I'd like to seize one of their massive clubs and beat The Boy Who Lied over the head with it."

"I should send him a howler," said Mrs. Gibbon. "I only wish I could see his weak little face when I shout dozens of threats over his morning sausages."

Tags: harry, quibbler

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