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Knife - Harry? They're writing about us again.
Title:  Knife

Author: lmeden

House: Ravenclaw

Rating: PG

Word Count: 100

Challenge: Sprains, Strains, Abrasions

Characters/Pairings: Hermione Granger

Author's Notes: It’s weird. Beware.



The plant was short, with grayish leaves. Hermione found it very odd that this innocuous thing could be the key to making Amortentia.


This plain and horrible plant had been growing alone on her back terrace for several years. Alone, like her. And finally, finally, she could use it. Hermione reached up, hands shaking with suppressed excitement as she severed a few leaves.


And she hissed as the knife sliced her thumb. Bright blood welled, and in Hermione’s fervor she could nearly taste it. Would that blood be as cloying as love?


Her finger grew irresistibly closer to her lips. 

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