zia_montrose (zia_montrose) wrote in hp100,

Title: Sluggy's Christmas Party
Challenge: whether
Characters: James Potter, Lily Evans
Words: 100
House: Gryffindor
Author's Note: Inspired by the Japanese Maple out my window.  And James's attire is inspired by seviet's drawing: The Potter's Wedding.


She descended the stairs wearing green dress robes and hair that would make an autumn maple leaf jealous.  Only, the occasion was Slughorn’s Christmas party.  Lily had invited James. 

He swallowed as she stepped towards him. 

With a raise of brows and a smile she asked, “James?”

“Lily—you look—gorgeous.”

“You look dashing yourself, Potter.” She reached up to straighten his cravat, her cool fingertips tickling his neck as he raised his chin to allow it.

“Thanks, but I’m still wondering whether Slughorn will admit me.  You know how badly he wanted to set you up with a Slytherin.”


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