Sometimes You Get Marshmallows (florahart) wrote in hp100,
Sometimes You Get Marshmallows

New Prompt: Write

It's a Gryffindor-Ravenclaw tie at 10 each.

As so many people seem to be participating in NaNo or some other November writing challenge, let's bring our characters in, too.

New Prompt: Write

  • Leaving/Leave it Alone

    Title: Leaving House: Gryffindor Rating: PG-13 Characters: Andromeda and her mother Challenge: Sprains, Strains, and Abrasions Word Count: 100…

  • Of Yeti And Nargles

    Title: Of Yeti and Nargles House: Ravenclaw Word Count: 100 Characters/Pairings: Luna, Harry friendship Prompt: Mail This cut she is entirely fake

  • Mother, May I?

    Title: Mother, May I? House: Slytherin Challenge: So You Think You Can Dance? Characters: Teddy Lupin, Tonks Word Count: 100 A bodiless voice…

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