pollicem (pollicem) wrote in hp100,

Ginny loves it.

Title: Ginny loves it.
House: 10 points to Slytherin!
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Ginny/Tom
Rating: PG-15? R?
Author's Notes: Chan, if Ginny's actually 11 in this fic. Pretend she's 17?

Ginny loves writing. Since she was little, and her mom found her crawling around the floor of the kitchen, spelling her name with flour. And that time when the twins gave her a pot of invisible ink for her birthday and she wrote PERCY’S A PRICK all over his room.

And she loves it especially when she talks with Tom. And even more when he pulls her into the diary and then pushes inside.

But she loves writing most of all when her hands are sopping hot with blackness and Tom’s hissing things and she paints the stone wall beautiful.

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  • Nostalgia

    Every now and again i come back and read through the old posts...I really enjoy having the fic archived here. :)

  • Thanks!

    I've been thinking about this community a lot lately. Thanks for keeping it up here even though there's no more writing.

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