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Making a Stand

Title: Making a Stand
Author: fancypantsdylan
Word Count: 100
Other Characters: none
Rating: PG-13
Beta: none, all mistakes are mine
Challenge: hd100 challenge: Weapon
Disclaimer: All characters owned by JK Rowling, I just play with them. No profit made on use of characters.

Harry was no longer going to be a weapon. Dumbledore had gone too far this time. Harry couldn’t… no wouldn’t do what Dumbledore wanted.

Leaving the Headmasters office, Harry strode down to the Dungeons, hissed at the portrait guarding the Slytherin common room and easily located Draco. Striding over to his lover Harry told him, “We’re leaving, this weapon is going to do it his way from now on.”

Taking Draco’s hand they left the castle and Apparated away. From now on it was Harry and Draco, everyone else could take it or leave it, Harry wasn’t sacrificing anyone else.


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    Every now and again i come back and read through the old posts...I really enjoy having the fic archived here. :)

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