New Prompt: Split

This time, Ravenclaw beats Slytherin 40-10.

New Prompt: Split. This might be a couple breaking up, a wand splitting like Ron's in CoS, or some other meaning you think of.

Remember: pick your house, 100 words exactly, don't format your font unnecessarily, and have fun.

Saturday in the Park

Title: Saturday in the Park
House: Ravenclaw
Word Count: 100
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Draco, anonymous muggles.
Author's Notes: For the theme park. I wrote this while listening to
Saturday in the Park [Chicago].

He never expected to be dancing in Times Square. The saxophone blares, the snare drum is happy. Harry’s hands, which have been curled into fists for the last three years, are flat against his back. They sway, gyrate. The soloist gestures, his mouth cracked, stretched wide, smiling. Draco muffles an incredulous chuckle in Harry’s shoulder. Harry grins in return, raises his eyebrows. Shakes his head. His hair kisses Draco as it whips past his nose. Muggles are jumping and twirling. A young boy drums on his knees. The beat is fast, sensual. Harry’s eyes are shining. They are having fun.

New Prompt: Park

This time Ravenclaw beat Hufflepuff, 30-20, with Gryffindor and Slytherin tied at 10 apiece.

New Prompt: Park. The place or the activity, or if you have other ideas, go right for it.

Remember: 100 words exactly, pick your house, and have fun.
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Breaking News

Title: Breaking News
House: Hufflepuff
Word count: 100
Challenge: Sprains, Strains and Abrasions
Rating: PG
Characters: Harry / Ginny, random medi-witch, and?...

“Honestly, Harry, it’s a sprain!” Ginny sighed, as the medi-witch bound up her leg, “They’re just being –

Careful!” Harry roared, “What you ought to be!”

The nurse jumped and dropped the tape, and Ginny blinked widely, her Harpies uniform still dripping.

“Harry…” she warned.

“I can’t stand – I know, you’ll do as you please, but – damnit, it’s my baby too!”


The medi-witch squealed with delight and raced out of the tent towards the flashing cameras.

With horror, Harry turned slowly back to his wife, arms crossed, glowering like Fiendfyre.


“My Mother. Doesn’t. Even. Know.”


green leaves

Healing Powers

Title: Healing Powers
House: Slytherin
Word count: 100
Challenge: Sprains, Strains, and Abrasions
Rating: G
Characters: Olivander, Luna Lovegood

"You know, it's a real shame we don't have a Fwooper down here."
Olivander concentrated on being still. Talking hurt. Breathing hurt. In the darkness behind his eyelids the pain arced from rib to tooth to skull and back again.
"I'm sorry?" he finally whispered.
"Tailfeathers. They're very good for this sort of thing. And they don't mind, you know. It doesn't hurt them a bit if you take one just right."

Olivander’s mouth was scabbed and swollen - he’d spasmed and bitten through a ripe, blistering bruise on his lip this morning. But inside, he managed a little smile.
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Ache, Stiff

Title: Ache
House: Hufflepuff
Rating: PG
Challenge: Sprains, Strains, and Abrasions
Characters: R/H
Word Count: 100
Author Notes: Missing scene from Deathly Hallows.

Hermione moaned fitfully in the guest room at Shell Cottage. The nick from Bellatrix’s knife was already healed, but a smear of red still clung to her neck - Ron didn’t notice the scrapes on his aching hands until he tried to wipe it away with his sleeve – from banging on the door, most like.

Her eyes snapped open, frantic, seeking.

“Shh, you’re safe,” Ron crooned, gently holding her still, “I’m here.”

“Ohh,” Hermione whispered, “Oh Ron...it hurt!

She'd never sounded so...small.

He gathered her up as she curled into his chest, and stroked her hair until they stopped shaking.

Title: Stiff
House: Hufflepuff
Rating: PG
Challenge: Sprains, Strains, and Abrasions
Characters: Harry (and dead!Dobby)
Word Count: 100
Author Notes: Another missing scene from Deathly Hallows, just after the first, akshully.

Harry looked down at the humble pile of dirt, and the epitaph scrawled feebly into the simple marker. The wand he carried felt strange in his hand – unfamiliar, and awkward against the stiffness and heat of his blistered palms.

The spade lay to his left – a crass reminder of the physical fact of Dobby’s death. For a moment, Harry sensed the bizarre cruelty of dying, the waste of having to leave the corporal body behind, discarded, an empty shell.

Shell…Harry turned his gaze to the cottage, and forced his reverie to an end.

There was more work to be done.