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Harry? They're writing about us again.

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The HP100
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All Members , Moderated
The HP 100. Ripped off from the wednesday100, the Smallville equivalent. It's quite simple, really. We give you a topic, and you write no more than 100 words about it. Easy, no?

pertaining to JOINING
Membership is open to all Livejournal users. You don't have to post every week if you join. Be warned that all ratings and pairings are accepted, and while everything with an approximate R or NC17 rating should be cut with warnings, you may run into something you don't like (such is life.)

pertaining to POSTING
New challenges are posted on Saturday every week, at no set time. You can post pretty much anything you please, however, anything that would be considering NC17 or even hard R should be appropriately cut with a warning label. Absolutely no off-topic posts are allowed. That means no advertising your community, no questions (direct them to the mod), nothing but responses to the current challenge.

Posts should look like this:

Subject: Title of Drabble. If multiple drabbles are posted, list all titles like One / Two / Three. Untitled drabbles should have Untitled [x#]. VERY IMPORTANT!

Title: Title of drabble again.
House: Your house (self-appointed) -- Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw. (This is optional, if you don't want to participate in this manner you don't have to.)
Word Count: Hopefully 100.
Author's Notes: Anything else you have to say, and subject matter warnings.

Body of drabble goes here.

  1. Posts should be one hundred words in length. If you run over or under the word count, you may still post them, but no house points will be rewarded. Additionally, you can post lengthier drabbles at hp100uncut.

  2. You can only post a response to the current challenge.
  3. Previously written drabbles may not be reposted for later challenges if they have already been posted and received points for any challenge within the community.
  4. No crossovers. We occasionally have specific challenges for that, but until those come up, stick to the HP cast of characters, please.

  5. Original characters are okay, as long as they are not the focus of the drabble. If you are not sure whether your original character drabble is acceptable, feel free to send it to the email address above for approbation.

  6. No chaptered or serial drabbles. They can exist in the same "world" or timeframe, but each must be able to stand alone without referring to the others.

  7. A particular challenge may have extra guidelines, which will be explained in the post.

  8. You may post up to fourteen (14) drabbles per challenge. Keep in mind that if you post many drabbles in one post, people might not be inclined to open it.

  9. Please cut your drabbles if you post more than two at a time, leaving the header information out of the cut. Please don't spam the comm with successive posts.

  10. If you are using a quote or lyrics, etc as inspiration and you put it in your post, it's up to the mod to decide if this subverts the 100 words concept. Generally, a brief header quote won't be a problem, but lengthy quote or ones that act as part of the motion of the drabble will.

  11. *NEW* Please do not hard code fonts into your drabbles unless you know what you are doing and do it for deliberate effect that is relevant to the content of the drabble. This includes using rich text that assigns font face and color. Your drabble will look weird on most people's flists and on the comm itself, and you will irritate the hell out of your mod.

If your post does not meet these requirements, it may be deleted without warning.

pertaining to HOUSE POINTS
For every successful drabble (on topic, 100 words), you receive ten (10) points to the house of your choice (just pick! You can be the same all the time, different per week or per post. There is no formal assignment procedure). The winning house doesn't get anything other than the satisfaction of knowing they beat the others, though the mods may offer an actual prize on a whim, if they like.

pertaining to WORD COUNT
Titles don't count, words like 'a' and 'the' do. Hyphenated words can be considered as one or more, depending on what works for you. Word count as performed by MS Word or similar is fine; notice Word will count a section separator on its own line as a word.

pertaining to ARCHIVES
Before November 24th, the only posts that are archived are the ones author's submitted. Every post from then on is archived by username. Please note that this is an ongoing process and may not be completely up to date at times.

Beginning in October 2005, archives will be manages using both tags and memories. All drabbles will be automatically archived. If you DO NOT want your posts archived, please specify such in the NOTES section of your header.

ETA: The tags limit has been exceeded, and the mod looks at the 1000+ tags and weeps on considering what it would take to clean it up. This topic is on hold.</i>

If you would like your work archived,

  1. PLEASE CHECK THE EXISTING TAGS LIST FOR YOUR TAG BEFORE CREATING A NEW ONE. Duplicates or incorrectly formatted tags will be deleted. This is just to make searching easier and to keep things uniform.
  2. Please include your LJ username, the challenge, drabble character(s), drabble pairing(s), and rating (if any) as tags.
  3. Hold down the CTRL key to choose more than one tag from the menu of existing tags.
  4. Please format the author tag exactly as follows:
    author: [your LJ username].
    There is one space between the colon and your username.
  5. All challenges will be added to the list as soon as possible. However, if you are really fast and must create a new challenge tag, please format exactly as follows:
    challenge: [name of challenge].
    There is one space between the colon and the name of the challenge. Please include the exact name of the challenge (i.e. Challenge #129 should be tagged as "The Elements" and not just "Elements") unless it contains commas. Commas cause problems, so please just leave them out.
  6. List characters' first and last names, with a comma separating each character (e.g. Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger). List pairings with slashes, separating each pairing with a comma (e.g. Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione; Draco, Ginny; Snape, Dumbledore, Harry). In the interest of consistency, please use first and last names when at all possible. Also, please double-check the tags list before hand-typing this information. The name of a group of characters (Trio, Founders, Maurauders) is acceptable as well. Please note that a group name MAY be preceded by "The" in the tags list (e.g. The Weasleys, The Longbottoms) while others are not (e.g. Trio, Weasley Twins).
  7. Please format the rating tag as follows:
    rating: [G, PG, PG-13, PG-16, R, NC-17].
    You guessed it--one space between the colon and the rating, please.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, complaints, or suggestions, leaving a comment here will ensure your thoughts' safe delivery.

View archives by AUTHOR here.
(Archiving information last updated Jan 2006)
(Archives current to 6 February 2006 -- I'm still working on it!)

If you would like to suggest a challenge, leave a comment on the latest one. If you have any problems with the challenge, rules, other members, etc., contact one of the mods.

PAST CHALLENGES - previous challenge posts
ARCHIVES - drabbles by author

YOUR MODERATOR IS: florahart. Archives are managed by hpbutterfly.

Week 1: Slytherin
Week 2: Ravenclaw
Week 3: Gryffindor
Week 4: Slytherin
Week 5: Hufflepuff
Week 6: Slytherin
Week 7: Gryffindor
Week 8: Gryffindor
Week 9: Ravenclaw
Week 10: Slytherin
Week 11: Ravenclaw
Week 12: Hufflepuff
Week 13: Ravenclaw
Week 14: Ravenclaw
Week 15: Ravenclaw
Week 16: Ravenclaw
Week 17: Slytherin
Week 18: Ravenclaw
Week 19: Ravenclaw
Week 20: Ravenclaw
Week 21: Slytherin
Week 22: Slytherin
Week 23: Slytherin
Week 24: Slytherin
Week 25: Slytherin
Week 26: Gryffindor
Week 27: Slytherin
Week 28: Ravenclaw
Week 29: Gryffindor
Week 30: Gryffindor
Week 31: Slytherin
Week 32: Gryffindor
Week 33: Gryffindor
Week 34: Gryffindor
Week 35: Ravenclaw
Week 36: Slytherin
Week 37: Slytherin
Week 38: Gryffindor
Week 39: TIE: Gryffindor and Ravenclaw
Week 40: Gryffindor
Week 41: Hufflepuff
Week 42: Gryffindor
Week 43: Hufflepuff
Week 44: Slytherin
Week 45: Ravenclaw
Week 46: Ravenclaw
Week 47: Gryffindor
Week 48: Slytherin
Week 49: Slytherin
Week 50: TIE: Gryffindor and Slytherin
Week 51: Gryffindor
Week 52: Slytherin
Week 53: TIE: Ravenclaw and Slytherin
Week 54: Slytherin
Week 55: Slytherin
Week 56: Ravenclaw
Week 57: TIE: Gryffindor and Ravenclaw
Week 58: Ravenclaw
Week 59: Ravenclaw
Week 60: Ravenclaw
Week 61: Ravenclaw
Week 62: Ravenclaw
Week 63: Hufflepuff
Week 64: Hufflepuff
Week 65: Ravenclaw
Week 66: Ravenclaw
Week 67: Slytherin
Week 68: Ravenclaw
Week 69: Slytherin
Week 70: Ravenclaw
Week 71: Ravenclaw
Week 72: Ravenclaw
Week 73: Gryffindor
Week 74: Ravenclaw
Week 75: Ravenclaw
Week 76: Gryffindor
Week 77: Ravenclaw
Week 78: Gryffindor
Week 79: Gryffindor
Week 80: Slytherin
Week 81: Slytherin
Week 82: Slytherin
Week 83: Ravenclaw
Week 84: Ravenclaw
Week 85: Ravenclaw
Week 86: Ravenclaw
Week 87: Hufflepuff
Week 88: Hufflepuff
Week 89: Hufflepuff
Week 90: Hufflepuff
Week 91: Hufflepuff
Week 92: Hufflepuff
Week 93: Hufflepuff
Week 94: Hufflepuff
Week 95: Hufflepuff
Week 96: Hufflepuff
Week 97: Ravenclaw
Week 98: Hufflepuff
Week 99: Hufflepuff
Week 100: Hufflepuff
Week 101: Hufflepuff
Week 102: Hufflepuff
Week 103: Hufflepuff

A huge thanks to persephone_kore for her assistance in compiling this information!

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